How did you become a model?

Before i get into the ins and outs, i would just like to state that becoming a model’ isn’t a other night thing. Neither is it easy… Like my journey. When i was younger back in high school i used to go out into the city with friends and every now and then get stopped by a few model scouts, Mainly because of my height. But with studying and just living the child life i never really imagined myself being a model.

After a few times from being spotted i decided to apply to one of the Manchester agencies online… and got rejected, so i tried the other agencies, and got rejected from them all. Which baffled me because i had be scouted on the streets but rejected online !? I was a feisty teen so i decided to take it upon myself and started adding different creatives and over a period of time i started to build a book which got stronger and stronger, Working with new people and i loved the money and the fun. It wasn’t until i started reading upon London fashion week that i decided to apply to London agencies which then i got signed.

Why have you turned too blogging?

Through high school i was never good and English or writing, it wasn’t until i failed my exams and headed to college that i realized that English qualification is what i needed. So i stuck my head down and studied so much, Reading fashion blogs, newspapers and magazines. It all paid off, within a year, i jumped for a grade E to a grade B and that’s when my passion for writing began. I’ve always liked sharing things with others, as i am not a very shy individual, But it only dawned on me that starting blogging was fun until i met an amazing group of friends who shared the same interested in fashion and blogging. From then on we go out all the time discuss our actions and our aims and write posts for you guys



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