A Day in the Office

Today’s been emotional…. We finally moved out of our offices which after only 6 months has just started to feel like home! Even though we are moving on to bigger and better things it’s been emotional to say good-bye to a building which a lot started of in. I sound like a complete loser speaking … More A Day in the Office

Afternoon Delight

I’ve spent the past few weeks doing exactly what i love. Spending time with family, Working (Surprisingly) & shopping! How could you possibly go wrong with this combination. Whilst on my daily shopping spree’s i came across this perfect shirt. At first i wasn’t sure if i could brave wearing it out in public! But … More Afternoon Delight

Army Man

A day spent with my creative team, is a day full of fun! With a full evening eat cakes & drinking coffee we actually got creative & gott shoots planned idea’s drafted and magic made! Spending time in a different part of the city that i am used to, the fashion trend is starting to catch … More Army Man

Ralph Lauren

Everyday of my life is something new these days! Today i headed out with my new team A-models and organised a shoot for two of the models! It’s not everyday that i am behind the camera, organising and directing the shoot! But i loved it. Whilst the models was getting styled i thought it was … More Ralph Lauren

A day of Sun

After months of dreadful weather the sun decided to show its pretty little face around town. So could only mean one thing. OUTFIT POST! with a lot going on at the moment blogging has come to the bottom of my pile which i hate so much. Life is looking bright at the moment and hope … More A day of Sun