Raimi Salami has been interested in style since he first wore his retro NEXT sweater as a kid. Dressing to look and feel his best was a
skill that led to a continuing successful modelling career and now his
style and lifestyle blog Raimi Salami (www.raimisalami.com)

Now an internationally known blogger with thousands of page views, Raimi
continues to embrace this “Look Good, Feel Good” philosophy. His posts
on his blog offer advice and inspiration for putting together outfits
that help men feel confident, positive, and ready to take on the world.
Male bloggers (especially straight ones, yes ladies!) are something of a
rarity in a sea of female bloggers. Raimi brings his own spin on style
for men, as well as offering advice, humour, and also something for the
girls – don’t worry he will help you dress as well!

Raimi has Endless Recipes for Personal Style, and distinguishes “style”
from “fashion,” explaining that it doesn’t take a lot of money or
designer labels to be well dressed. It is about making an outfit, not
throwing money at it.

Raimi posts most days, (sometimes more than once if you’re lucky!) but
has three continuing posts.

Every Sunday Raimi posts ‘Raimi Says’ where he talks about something
topical, not necessarily about fashion, but gives his opinion on
something in current events, to help end your weekend and kick start
your week!

Every Tuesday you get Tuesday Treats, this could funny pictures from the
internet, amazing bargains from your favourite sites, tweets, great
posts from other blogs! Just about anything to lift your spirits!

Finally every Friday Raimi brings you Fashion Friday, here he posts
fashion finds he has found this week, maybe an amazing must have dress
for her, or a killer sweatshirt for him. If it’s hot – Raimi will know!

In between these posts Raimi posts style, inspiration, fashion, advice
and just about everything in-between!

Raimi wants you to be able to take his words from his blog, and put them
into your everyday lives. Outfits posted aren’t thousands of pounds,
lifestyle tips are achievable, and this is what has brought Rami
international success.

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