5 Reason’s why you should quit your job & travel

il_fullxfull.643587158_s3mi.jpgIn today’s society we are all caught up in one big bubble. A bubble which tells us to play life safe, wake up… Go to work, save for an apartment & spend what we earn on luxury materialistic things… Which even to myself last year seemed like the ideal life. But how long can you actually live this life of the same routine, over and over again for?

Personally, i get bored of the same thing over and over very quickly and the only way to save me from my boredom was to travel. I never expected to travel so far and for so long, it was only supposed to be 4 weeks & here i am 380 days down the line and counting.

Last night i was sat surfing the web and i found an article ‘5 reasons not to quit your job & travel’ and it actually made me laugh so much. It was so depressing and i wouldn’t necessarily say false representation of travelling, but just one persons bad experience.

in 2014 i quit my job of working for a top model agency in North West England, When i say it was my dream job, it really was. I worked so hard to get to the position i was at & at one point i really did consider staying in England just to continue working. But i knew i needed to take the leap of faith & see what the world has to offer.

Here are my top 5 reasons to quit your job & travel the world.

1) You’ll have the adventure of a lifetime


whilst you are sat behind your desk reading this working your arse off, i’m currently on a new adventure making new memories & new stories to tell. Whats the fun of coming back home from work & telling your parent, lover, siblings or other half how great your day at work was. Sure it would be the same story different day? My story of the day, i got deported from Thailand, caught a 12 hour train north instead of south & nearly missed my flight to Bali (Probably not the best story as i am trying to persuade you to travel) But it was an adventure of mayhem, chaos and fun. Meeting locals, running through cities i’ve never been before & meeting other travellers which in all gave me this butterfly feeling in my stomach.

From negative to positive no matter what adventure you go on will make you appreciate the little things more & you will grow into such a different person

2) Money Can’t buy you happiness


In some ways i disagree with this quote, because to some money can buy you happiness, like buying an outfit that you’ll look good in this weekend, or that latest car you just bought. But deep down how long will that keep you happy for. Some people could say the only reason i am travelling is because money bought it me, which is semi true. But it’s not the money which has brought me the happiness. I’ve been in situations where i’ve had literally no money left in my pocket & i’ve never felt so alive or happy. The question is if you believe money brings you happiness, Why not explore & work? Surely that’s a win win situation?

3) You’ll make at least one new friend


One of the main reasons i love travelling so much even more than the sights, the culture & the partying… Is meeting some of the most incredible people in the world. Whilst travelling you will come across people from every different continent each with their own unique story to tell. You’ll form bonds stronger than the one’s you have with people you’ve known for years. You’ll fall in love with the most unlikely people & you will fall out of love, but its about the impact they have on your heart which you will be able to carry forever. These people are not really going to be the people you bump into your everyday life at work. How often is it that you meet someone from a different place in the world at work?

4) Learning Experience’sb7be90602d134edecaad9393140f302c.jpg

Before leaving England i was such a home boy. I never cooked, washed my own clothes, paid actual rent. Life was so easy (I had a it pretty damn decent) But if i wouldn’t of quit my job and headed on this adventure i would of never been able to grow into the self providing man i am now.

I’ve been to different places of the world & each place has gave me new experience’s. From managing  a hostel, organising events, Learning how to deep sea dive, drive a boat & actually get my ass up and explore. All of these would of never happened if i didn’t pull up the courage and quit my job and travel.

Think of the movie moments you will make, from meeting strangers who play the guitar under the moon, skinny dipping in new oceans with people you’ve just met & having everyday holiday romances. Life is about making a new experience every single day. One day you will be to old to do anything so why not make these experiences now, so you can make mistakes and grow from them.

5)  When you finally return home, you’ll be a better person08f060cd0967f9a4fbe937e998e29d83

Since i’ve not actually returned home i can’t confirm this is completely true. But what i can confirm is that so far travelling has changed me into a complete different person. Someone who is more open to new things, not caring about materialistic things (As Much) more fun and up for an adventure & if cleaning my own room when i return makes me a better person i guess travelling must have changed me.

No but on a real note whilst travelling it opens your eyes & makes you realise you can be whoever you want to be and it will make you into the person you’ve always inspired to be.

A job is a job! You can find one all over the world. If it’s a career you can always come back to it. But you can’t always have the experience’s of travelling the world meeting new souls.

Take an adventure, be young wild and free.


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