TOP 5 TIPS -Surviving Australia

Australia is one of the most common destinations for youngsters like myself to relocate to! With incredible destinations, beautiful weather & a base to save before hitting other locations such as Asia no wonder 0everyone is heading down under!

Here are a few of my top 5 tips to surviving a full year in Australia 12901274_10153944232320853_34440667674047016_o

1) Save some money

Everyone thinks to come travelling you need to save thousands of pounds (Or whatever currency you use) In some respect that is true, but not as much as you think. They say to enter the country you need a minimum of $5000 just to make sure you have stability when you arrive. In my case i did NOT have $5000 as i travelled south east Asia for 2 months before hand & splashed my cash. Upon entry to Australia i’d say i had around $3k remaining & i’m still here today. Personally i think you could arrive with $50 in your account and if you want to make it work you will! I’d recommend coming with an amount that will cover you for at least 2 weeks ( accomodation, food ect ) until you find a job.

12670382_10153877368075853_356146755450247390_n2) WFA – Work For Accomodation

The best thing i ever did here in Australia when i first arrived was finding a hostel which allowed you to WFA. All you need to do is a few hours a week which in return covers your accomodation cost, which is a complete life saver as the majority of your money in Australia will be spent on accomodation.

Rates in Sydney

Peak season: Anywhere from $35+ A DAY

Low Season : $24  A DAY

Some hostels do a weekly rate for long term’ers which will also save you a bit a long the way.

3) Find The right hostel13245502_10154061563745853_2187688695560120685_n-1.jpg

This should be number one to be completely honest. Surviving in Australia is all down to who you are surrounded by. I’ve travelled the whole of Australia and stayed in plenty of different hostels but nothing will ever feel like home than Mad Monkey Kingscross – Sydney.

Finding the right hostel can be difficult:


1) Avoid big chain backpackers – They can be perfect to stay in but not very social as people come and go.

2) Smaller backpackers are usually the places you will form a family & meet some life long friends & even better you may even continue travelling with them.

3) Cheaper isn’t always better. A lot of cheaper hostels do not come with WI-FI, air-con & the facilities are not usually up-to scratch. Try finding somewhere with a good medium

4) Don’t always listen to online reviews. Before travelling all i do is read reviews. I’ve come to the conclusion this is complete BULLS*it (Excuse my language) the reason being is the only time people review is when they find something to complain about and are just annoying people. I’ve travelled the world, stayed at bad and good places but never ever wrote a review as its the last of my priorities unless something really bad has happened and want to take them down (Claws out). In Asia i stayed at the worst hostel of my entire life as i forgot to read the reviews until last min. When i arrived i hated it, 10 mins later i settled in and it happened to be one of the best places i ever stayed.

4) Explore


The biggest problem for travellers is that they get stuck in one place. This happened to me! After Asia i landed in Sydney ( Still here now) and didn’t leave for a good 7 months until i headed to Bali. Being in one place you get so comfortable and forget what it’s like having the travel bug! I’m so glad i left to go to Indonesia for a month, It made me feel alive again and gave me the urge to travel the east coast.14448835_10154403602675853_2155338700527961919_n.jpg

The east coast can be very pricey but you will have some of the best experience’s of your entire life. (Post about the east coast & prices will come soon)

Sydney is such a magical city but don’t get stuck like myself, the world is too beautiful to be stuck in one place.

5) HAVE FUN15823359_10154712197390853_8741218598312105865_n

Your 20’s are your selfish Years. Old enough to make the right decisions and young enough to make the wrong ones. Be selfish with your time- travel, explore, fall in love and out of love, be ridiculous and silly, stupid and wild. Be 20 something – QUOTE OF THE YEAR.

You are on the opposite side of the world, away from anything and everything back at home. This is a life you can pretend to be whoever you want to be and nobody really know the truth. With a time limit on everyone’s visa you really need to take advantage of every single day. Go out every night, party on the beaches, surf the waves or read a book at the beach! Do something that makes you happy because you will never get this opportunity ever again.



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