Farmer Boy X little Rant

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So the Australian summer is officially over! But being a British boy i can not complain… as the weather over here is still hotter than our English summers! The past few day’s i have been in work mode! Blogging, shooting, collaborations and figuring out my future travel plans .. which to some might sound easy, but trust me it isn’t! Life is SO STRESSFUL when you haven’t got a plan set out. It is enjoyable not knowing what’s next but there is also that fear factor of the unknown.

This week i had no inspiration for outfit choice. UNTIL …my package from FOREVER21 arrived! I know i say this a lot but i am officially in love with FOREVER21… its cheap, cheerful and stylish. In this weeks package i received the most amazing set of dungarees! For anyone who know’s my style you will know i’ve wanted a pair of long ones for ages!!

The outfit came at such a perfect time as the past few day’s i have been doing a lot of research on which farms to spend 3 months on to complete my second year working visa here in Australia. So what better way to get in the mood than to dress up as a farmer boy. Just to point out… i am aware once i head to the farm’s life wont be stylish and i will have to wear rags, but yeah don’t kill my vibe just yet.

Also, a lot of people keep asking me how i find blogging & how i capture my images. The blogging life is so STRESSFUL as you rely on people a lot! If you want great standard images you’ll need someone to shoot you, with the right settings, right location and many other factors. One thing that annoys me is Instagram girls / boys who have Zillions of followers but yet don’t put any effort into there images, shoot on an Iphone and fill instagram full of the same selfies & are classed as famous.  I sound as if i am jealous because they have more Instagram followers… which i can assure you i am not. Instagram girls / boys will not last forever. They are just for the moment & when Instagram dies out they will be left with nothing. Where as for myself, i have found i have a lot more of a following subscribed to my blog ( Thanks to everyone who reads) so if instagram was to ever just vanish i have a back up. (So a little tip for you Instagram famous whores… Maybe you should think about your future. Make a plan, build yourself, brand yourself & you will go a lot further and people will respect you more.)

Wow so yeah, i’ve just had a rant completely of topic. But yeah… in the next few weeks i have some great collaborations & giveaways coming up so keep an eye out!!


Have a fab weekend!


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