Sydney Boy 

  So it’s official… I am a Sydney city boy! 2 weeks ago I landed down under with nothing but my bag pack and my best friend, talk about throwing myself into the unknown. Translating my life from being a island boy to a city boy is such a shock to my system as not everything is easy breezy & beautiful like Asia… But I am completely in love with Sydney!! Something about this place just makes me feel like I am at home, even though my home is on the other side of the world.
Getting back in to reality I thought it would only be fair to do a bit of retail therapy as all of my items of clothing is to provocative or offensive for the Australians! I realised this after thebouncers continuously   shouted at me to button my shirt up and after being rejected from many different bars / clubs for my ripped jeans! Jeeze do they not understand fashion here?

So this week I came across my new favourite store the “glue store” this is where I found my latest outfit.

Being in a city which is constantly hot it’s hard to find and outfit which is stylish & my to clammy … So whilst I’m down under my style is changing, to more of a chilled out vibe. Thanks to the Glue Store I managed to put together an outfit of my favourite brands & still feel comfortable in this heat

Denim jacket: cheap Monday $109.95

Striped top: Assembly Label $59.96

Bag: Rains $129.99

Outfit overall :$299.89

Guys do you know any more Australian brands! Currently on the hunt to find some new items! Let me know 


One thought on “Sydney Boy 

  1. Yes yes yes we need to go to Homebush outlet where Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, diesel and many more brands are which may be affordable?!

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