Arrested, delayed & paradise!!


Woah. It’s been over a month since I left the UK on my adventure, words can not describe how crazy it has been!! As soon as I boarded the plane I realised I was in for a journey of ups and downs, tears and laughter but I never realised how hard being a traveller is!

After all the drama in Bangkok all of my images & blog posts are back logged as my SD card is playing up.

Two days ago I finally arrived in paradise after a whole 72hours of travelling. Me and nay decided to head from the middle of Thailand down to Malaysia & get a flight to Bali which all seemed nice easy and breezy total travelling duration of around 18 hours… On the morning of travelling we woke to one of the biggest storms I have experienced & after a few days of partying and being wild me and Nay found ourself having a big argument which now I’m sat laughing my head off at. When you travel with a best friend no matter how close you are you will find yourself having stupid little arguements and laughing at them a few days later.. Anyway we needed to get a ferry from the island to the main land but with the storm being at its worst you can only imagine what it was like Being at sea 😓! After a dramatic tie we stopped over in only what I can call it ” a crack den” to wait for our sleeper train from Surat Thani to Malaysia which takes 12 hours … After waiting 13 hours it was time to board our train!! So we got on tucked into the worst beds ever and put our heads down for our 12 hour trip down south!! 11 hours later I wake to a man shouting at me Bangkok in 1 hour … At first I thought he was joking as if you are aware Malaysia .. Bangkok complete different directions!!! Well this man was not joking ..long story short an amazing man who could translate saved our ass and we didn’t need to pay… So this left us in Bangkok with a flight to catch in the morning & no way to get there in time… After searching for flights we finally found one which got us to our stop of airport so we could catch our transfer flight… perfect … No I lie…. As we are heading through customs etc we only found ourself being escorted by the police into immagrarion & fined  2000BHT which was a nightmare as we had no Thai money left as we was expecting to be in Malaysia …finally we caught our flight and headed to paradise

Drama over we finally arrived in Bali & headed to our amazing Villa for a bit of relaxation & get over all the drama which had occurred. We checked into Taman Suci suite & Villas … Words can nott describe how luxurious this place is! After being a bag packed is was going to be In a queen size bed have your own hot tub & be able to step out to an incredible pool !! With it being not very touristy you could grab yourself an amazing 4 course meal for £7 Bali is so cheap!! Accommodation price to stay hear will blow your mind!! £20 for a villa !

After spending a few days here reading swimming and relaxing I am now prepared to see the rest of the island!! If any of you know any hot spots let me know!!


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