Oh we’re going to Koh Tao



Hey guys! Oh my god… So I’ve had such a nightmare with my camera & accessories over the past week so all of my Bangkok experience will be coming to the blog in the next few days!!!

After the hustle and bustle of Bangkok & all the dramas (which I will tell you in the next post ) & over a 10 hour journey me and nay headed down to the Islands to meet some of my friends!!!

Oh my word. As much as I tell you it was beautiful words can not describe how insane it is. Me and Naomi are currently staying in a super deluxe hotel on the other side of the island which is a super bummer as getting to the bars ect costs a bomb!!!

This morning we woke up super early for breakfast and to watch the sunrise & of course I couldn’t resist taking a few blog images!!! Everything in this weather just looks perfect!!! I am here on this small island for the next few days so will be trying to post as much as possible!!! If not follow my snapchat @itsraimz and Instagram @itsraimi !!!

Hope everyone had the best New Years & Christmas period!! Chow for now whilst I head Down to the sea. 😘


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