Hello December 

 Wow… Where has this year actually gone? I most likely say this every year, but i really feel like this year has been the fastest year of my life!!! Surely i can’t be the only one to think this?

With the winter cold mornings of December upon us, leaving the house without multiple layers is a total no go!! Not a chance i am catching any man-fly over my favorite festive period!
Catching up with all my Christmas shopping // prepping for my exciting new adventure (Which will be revealed next week) my main chick Nada Adelle headed back from the big city & we grabbed the most amazing breakfast ever!!

Sometimes in the morning i really hate eating. It’s like my body isn’t ready to take anything in. But this morning we headed to the uber cute hide out of Home Sweet Home deep inside the city!! Word’s can not describe how much i love this place!!! The food is delicious & the staff are so welcoming!!! Of course i treated myself to waffles… i couldn’t resist.

Surprisingly today’s weather wasn’t to bad but can you can never be to sure!! So to keep safe i wore a simple black turtle from topman with my super warm topman  cape (Which everyone confuses for a scarf) topped off with some extra padding of my jacket which i grabbed in the Zara sale!! Some times you can’t go wrong with a bit of bargain hunting.

2016 i am thinking to start a YouTube Channel? A lot of you who follow my snapchat seem to want to see more so i guess i might give it a blast!! i just run out of idea’s of what to VLOG!!! Help me guys?!

Anyway have a fab weekend & the big secret will be revealed soon!


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