the count down begins!

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So the countdown begins!! Less than 3 months to Christmas… HOW EXCITING!! This week has been one of the busiest weeks of my life!! I can not complain as i’m super excited for some of my new faces who have taken it international! Yesterday i decided to take the day off from work & have a nice relaxing catch up with my bestie Nada Adelle!! Oh lord i was wrong… Having emails to your phone is possibly the worst idea ever!!

Thanks to Apple i am now connected to my work life 24/7… i act as if i care.. but i really don’t! I love my job and probably would be moaning if i wasn’t connected.

Its officially fall which can only mean one thing! My autumn closet needs a revamp!! Who knows what crazy coats i will be picking up this season!

After spending the day with Nada i feel super inspired to get my A game back and blow everything up on social media!! At the moment i am SO obsessed with Snapchat!!! What is everyone’s @ i will follow for some entertainment 🙂

Have a great saturday!!


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