Party in the USA

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I lie when i say party in the USA .. but that’s the only thing that came to my mind when i was thinking of a caption!! Very lame but i blame Miley Cyrus! Anyhow the last few weekends have been possibly the wildest weekends of my life!! I feel like an out of control party animal… But hey ho i’m young and just having fun!!

Last week i went shopping for some new wardrobe essential’s & bought half of the store… I’ve tried so hard to stay away from the shops as i have come to the conclusion i have a shopping addiction.

Whilst tearing the shops apart i found this USA sweater from TOPMAN! I’m not usually the guy to wear white but it seems to be so in this season. Being the clumsy oath i am wearing white is possibly the worst thing ever as i WILL get something onto the item! I matched my outfit with some teared jeans ALSO topman & to not look to monochromatic i added a shirt to look damn cool!!

Always being on the move i always have 101 different things to carry & my amazing bag snapped so of course i treated myself to a black leather bag pack which i bloody adore!! (You will see more of it!)

With work being go go go i really need a holiday! Who fancies taking a trip!


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