That’s a secret i will never tell

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Is it really July already? Being in a world of chaos & my life being constant go go go the days & months just seem to fly by & i hate it!! It only felt like yesterday it was new years & i was partying away. The past few month’s has been really fun, busy & crazy!! I’ve made a few life changing choice’s which i can not wait to share with you guys! But for now i need to keep that under wraps ! But for now that’s a secret i will never tell (had a blair waldorf  moment!!)

Last week i had the pleasure of heading out and shooting some blog posts with my fav photographer Chloe Anne Charnock to shoot a quick blog post!! For some reason recently i have just been so unmotivated to get online and share my life with everything going on!! But with chloe motivating me & writing this now i have realized how much of a realize it is just to sit at a keyboard and chat about rubbish!

Yes… i’ve been reading the SECRET again this past month and feel really motivated to fullfil my dreams & would recommend anyone to buy it!!!

Last week the weather was so hit and miss one min i would be boiling … the next freezing so i decided to be a basic B*tch and wear the most basic outfit!!

Lets hope the weather stay’s as beautiful as it has been the past few day’s as i really could do with a nice tan!


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