The boy in the striped shirt

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This week has felt like on of the hardest weeks of my life!! Being super busy & under the weather with a virus hasn’t made my day’s easier!! One thing that kept me a float was the weather & NEW STOCK in my favorite stores!!

Yesterday i got back on set & had a blast shooting with an AMAZING TEAM!!! Even though i was dying i felt alive on set and realized how much i actually miss shooting!! So photographers! GUESS what!? i am back and ready to test!!!

My love for Striped shirts is getting out of hand! IT doesn’t help when they all look the same but just different colours! Today i picked up this hot new shirt from ZARA!! it just happens at the moment it has 50% off so i got myself a right little treat!! With it being nude & white it is so easy to pair with an outfit!!

Shooting this had to be the most funniest post to date! For some strange reason it was super busy in my normal shooting location so EVERYONE was stopping staring, taking picture, asking questions … i felt like Beyonce for 5 mins of my life!!

This weekend is going to be a quiet one… Movies, chocolate & coffee… so don’t expect any blog posts!!! UNLESS i do a ‘ What i wear for bed post’ HAHA CRINGE

Have a fab weekend xox


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