City Stroll

DSC_0245 DSC_0208 DSC_0263 DSC_0255 DSC_0278

At the moment i am in LOVE with the city!! I keep getting such a great vibe from the place… i am not 100% sure why though as  nothing has changed… apart from the weather!!

This weekend has been super productive. Me & Nada Adelle hooked up for coffee, cake & much needed catch up whilst we had a stroll through the city enjoying the sun! I’ve noticed that when the suns out my blog pictures seem to be 10xs better!! SOOOO i’ve come to the conclusion i am moving to BARCELONA!!

With the sun out my guns (Sparrow legs) came out to play!! This week i noticed a work friend in some dungaree’s and realized how much i loved them!! It just happened that evening i found some male ones in ZARA! you can’t go wrong with a good set on dungaree’s!! it’s like a taking a step back in time and going back to my toddler days!! As the weather constantly changes i paired my Dungaree’s with my new Zara shirt … which in this post looks like ever other white shirt i have!! But it isn’t!! another post is due soon!!

Embracing the sun i finally got to wear my Oliver Sweeney Huarache Sandals  (curtsy of my boss)!! My brother have tried terrorizing me for my gladiators shoes or JESUS shoes! but i LOVE THEM!!

Adding the final touch i wore my new hot shades from Taylor Morris eye wear!! How fab are they! Sunglasses to me are what makes the outfit!! & i have finally found a unisex Luxury British Eyewear store which i adore!! Head over to to find the best shades

Hope you all had a fab weekend!!


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