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I can finally say my birthday ‘Weeks’ have come to an end!!! After 16 days of drinking & celebrating my body is officially dying!! THIS week i feel like a DIRTY LYING CHEAT … as I have been saying all week that i am going to get back into the gym (Which i kind of did) cut out junk food (Which will never happen) .. so in the words of a wise friend… this week has been a dirty lying cheat week! & NEXT week will be health kick week!

This week was expecting a big heatwave & we had rumors that it was going to be hotter then some international countries! So of course i hit the shopping plaza & purchased so summery clothes. But of course, Fred the weather man LIED & we got the worst weather ever. To be fair today has been a lovely day!!

What i wore : This season i can’t get enough of the stripes!! So of course i purchased a NUDE stripe shirt from Zara as it give’s me the ultimate beach vibes! Too keep it simple i paired it with my ZARA plain black jeans! To give my outfit a bit of an edge & i decided to Layer it with my favorite Topman cape which i can assure you i will be taking on holiday with me!! & of course my usual bizarre glasses!!

Let’s hope the weather continues to get better as my pasty skin could do with a fresh new tan!!!


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