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This week has been one of the most hectic weeks of my entire life!! I really don’t know where the time has gone!!

This past few weeks i have been so high on life… Blogging, partying, socializing &  being an overall blast in a glass i feel like i’ have been hit by a BUS! Not sure if it’s anything to do with me turning into an oldie next Wednesday or just having a midweek come down! To be fair it probably is a midweek come down… I’ve cut out ALOT of my sugar intake this week as i am trying a new healthy regime

The past few day’s the sun has showing it’s face… but so has the rain!! Yesterday i decided to do a quick blog after work!! 6pm that is!!! & it was still bright!! i cant describe how excited i am for the bright nights!!

With my raincoat obsession getting even worse i recently picked up a black one from Topman to add to my collection!! I just love it!! My festival closet is coming on smoothly! I paired it with a grey knit with my undershirt to keep me nice and cosey!!

I am wearing H2T in Topman!! I really need to stop shopping as the retail assistants are even picking up on my obsessions!


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