competition why yes i would love some

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Yes… i did just quote a Nicki Minaj song! Today when i was shooting my blog i couldn’t think of post title… It took me ages… Then for some reason this lyric popped into my head. It then reminded me of when i first started blogging & how every post felt like a competition, how i needed to get so many views/ likes just to make me feel successful.

The main reason i stopped blogging is because i found myself getting caught up in another complete different world then two i am already used to. You have the normal world, The model world & then the blogging world… Imagine trying to live in 3 different worlds! The blogging world was the hardest! Turning up to event’s dealing with other *hard work* (We all know what i mean by hardwork) bloggers & living this online life was just to much!

But now i am back i feel like my focus isn’t on any of that & i actually feel happy blogging. I’ve removed myself from all the negativity & focusing on how to be successful & HAPPY

SO YES… thats why my caption is what it is!!!

Today i wore my Zara coat, I’ve had this hung in my wardrobe since just before Christmas!! Just never got round to wearing it! I paired it with my brothers shirt ( Which he will kill me for wearing)

I want to see your outfits!! TAG me so i can get inspirations for my next post



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