Casual Monday’s

DSC_0494 DSC_0514 DSC_0528 DSC_0524

Another weekend has ended. Which means another Monday i am dying… Which also means i regret going out and ruining my body! Actually… i lie!! I don’t regret it as i had such an amazing weekend!! On Saturday i got a taste for summer! For all those who follow me on snapchat (Itsraimz) you would of noticed i took advantage of it!

Today i don’t feel as bad as i should!! Of course i am gutted its Monday but only 4 MORE DAY’s till the weekend!!! Again.. this morning i couldn’t drag myself out of my bed!! Living between the city & Bolton my wardrobe is all over the place so i decided to chuck on my beloved knitted jumper & pair it with my latest Zara coat!! It looks a little wintery but i guess we haven’t hit summer yet!! So i can get away with it for a few more days!!!

Here is to another productive week!!! Have fun guys!!


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