Biker Chic

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This week has been such a productive … But lazy morning week, Working, Blogging & trying to maintain my social life by going to event / casual drinks with friends has left me exhausted!

Recently i’ve found myself to be that kind of guy that jumps out of bed late & grabs anything he can find… chucks it on and really hope it matches. To be quiet honest i don’t think i’m doing that bad!

Every morning i wake up look out the window and it looks like a lovely day!!  Today was the most deceiving day! I thought i would try my latest jeans from TOPMAN. Not going to lie i adore them… Although all of my family try and joke by saying i look like i’ve fallen over. HUN do you not realize THIS IS FASHION… The holes in my jeans only started of small… but for some reason i though’t i would be cool & make them bigger

Chucking on another turtle … which my closet is full off! i paired it with my Harry potter Cape (Which everyone in the agency says) I’m not sure why i love capes so much at the moment!! I just feel they look snazzy underneath an item!

To keep the cold away i decided to wear my favorite Biker Jacket from H&M!!! Just so easy to pop on and look fab!! Cheap & affordable and totally Chanel!!!

After being terrorized in the streets by the public / Builders i’m happy with the overall post!! Hope you like

So it’s Saturday which can only mean one thing!!! PARTY TIME!!

Have a lovely weekend & blog soon



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