Fresh Start

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So… It’s nearly been a year since my last post. Things have changed so dramatically in my life & i am so glad that i took a short break from blogging to truly find myself! What a mad mad year it was!

But i am back & i have SOOO much to share! Now that i have finally settled in at Nemesis Model Agency i feel like i can get back on track with the blogging! Even though i may not have the camera i want i guess this will have to just make do! hope you don’t mind!!

Anyway… outfit time… With winter coming to an end, here in the UK we are still being hit by the horrible cold weather.. with that odd bit of sun!! Today i am wearing a not so practical outfit, as i was freezing my backside off!! But my turtle obsession is getting worse & my closet is doubling up of the same color items.. people must think i am going mad!!!! Underneath this seasons obsession coat I am wearing a cape which people confuse for a scarf but you can’t really see it in these images!! So i guess i will do another blog post wearing my batman cape 😉 WHICH i have plenty off!! i adore them

 What i wore

Coat – Zara

Turtle – Topman

Bagpack – Zara

Jeans – Topman

Boots- Zara


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