Have you ever been fooled?

Raimi-2 Raimi-1 raimi-3To some people the week i have had would sound like the week from hell!! The past few months my outlook has changed completely on life! I feel like a new person!

For the past 6 months i have been working for a business which i thought i adored! I put my life and soul into it only to realize they didn’t care about me, my effort or anything. After several attempts to try and resolve the issues for who i worked for i realized they had no motivation and disrespected not just myself but others who worked there. So after feeling so belittled and slightly embarrassed that i put myself to something so public i decided to get up and leave! Leaving behind something that meant to much to me was the hardest decision ever! All i could think about is what over people would think! Then it hit me! Why did i care so much what others people thought! this is my life! i knew i needed an escape!

Walking away i never put my head down! I remained positive that something would come out of the whole situation! Within a few hours of walking away from my job i got the best news ever and got offered a job at my dream agency! NEMESIS! Not going to lie! As a youngster i always wanted to be a Nemesis model! But now i am part of  #TEAMNEMESIS . After moving on and my name being chucked under the bus by such a ‘professional company’ i feel super proud of the loyalty i have found with my old models! I am super proud of every step!

After a busy day in my new environment i am starting to feel those little butterflies of success in my belly again and can look forward to a new chapter in my life! Working where i did made my blog get put to the side lines as we got told this wasn’t the Raimi Salami and nada adelle show!

 The moral to this post is; Always look at the positives in the negatives! because i promise you now! When you start doing so, you will never lose!



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