Tropical Thunder

Raimi Salami Raimi Salami Raimi Salami raimisalami Raimi Salami

This week has been… WET! After such a fantastic run of beautiful weather England never fails to provide such a great thunder storm! With the sun beaming & heat rising this past few days i have been none stop summer shopping, which means LOT’s of floral, short shorts & anything which makes me look like im on a beach. Looks like i might of been wrong & my winter jumpers will be out soon!

Even though England is known for it’s mixed seasons Summer is creeping on us and even if it’s wet and cold i still want to look hot! This week i raided H&M again! (I’m literally a a well know regular now) I found the most amazing floral Shirt ever, as i type this i keep looking up to my closet & trying to figure out when i can next wear it! I decided to pair the shirt with what my mother calls the ‘Christening pant’s’ or what the drunken on watcher whilst shooting would call ‘Girls panties’! These pant’s are/was the most perfect white ever… until i spilt my coffee on them. I’m all about accessorizing at the moment, something which i used to lack on, so i paired my out with my new leather satchel & my latest collaboration of watches Christin Lars (Which also im obsessed with)

What do you make of my Christening / Girl panties? Are they hot or not? Let me know!

Shot by Jennifer Jukes


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