A stroll in China Town

DSC_0034-Recovered DSC_0024[1] Raimi SalamiA stroll through China town after a long day work is sometimes needed! Especially when i’ve had a stressful day followed by a stressful day shopping! It’s either stores are lacking on new season products or i’m just out shopping the shops! Everything is starting to look so last season.

Today has been a very hectic day! Packed full of client meetings, shoots &  castings! So my professional head needed to come on for once which why my brain seems to hurt! Today i put on my carnival shirt from H&M as for some reason i feel like it makes me look like a businessman but at the same time as creative young man, a little mix between both! I picked up some amazing goodies from the local ZARA! which i can not wait to share with you guys!


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