A Day in the Office

Raimi Salami Raimi Salami Raimi Salami RaimiSalami Raimi Salami

Today’s been emotional…. We finally moved out of our offices which after only 6 months has just started to feel like home! Even though we are moving on to bigger and better things it’s been emotional to say good-bye to a building which a lot started of in. I sound like a complete loser speaking so in depth about a building but i don’t care.

After watching all the models shoot in this room & against the beautiful window i thought it’d only be fair to shoot a quick outfit post for memories! Being in the office looking good & being comfy can be a tricky combination…. until i picked up the most amazing Green trousers from H&M last week! Not many people are a fan but i adore them! To add to my bohemian feel/look i added a texture shirt to my look which everyone seem to love! To finish my outfit i wore my new TOPMAN shoes which everyone says looks like funeral shoes, but i adore them.

Well i guess i wore my shoes on the right day as its the funeral of office 301! RIP you’ll be missed!

Also keep an eye out for my fashion video’s which i am going to be starting very very soon!


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