21st Birthday!






IMG_0810So it’s official! This is no Aprils fools! I am actually 21! it pains me to say! but i am no Peter pan! Im growing up way to quick! I thought i’d write this post just after 12 incase any of you actually thought i was joking. With a name like Raimi Salami & being born on Aprils fools day not many people take me serious!

The past few weeks have been beautiful! Spending time with friends and family & obviously partying the nights away! After having times to evaluate my life i’ve realised that I’m in a very happy place right now and surrounded by so much love and passion! I’m happy with the people in my life! After 21 years i’ve realised you gain friends & you lose friends & those who are around now, will be those friends for a life time.

Anyway cut the blah blah! Today i’m wearing all H&M as i adore this store! After taking a trip in i feel in love with the blues a decided to try something that not my typical kind of style! But i love this outfit! Cheap and affordable & obviously high fashion

Anyway i best get back to work instead of blogging! But thank-you to everyone who has supported me in the past few years onwards and upwards

Images shot by the fabulous Jennifer Jukes xox





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