Wonderland Knit

PicsArt_1379863868740 PicsArt_1379864023961


Sunglasses: Chanel Jumper: Wonderland Clothing Jeans: H&M Boots: H&M

Wow! What a weekend, such a shame that it’s over. With Sunday being one of the nicest days in forever i finally got chance to hang out with some friends drinking coffee, blogging & discussing our world domination plans. After having a crazy Saturday night out and only returning to my bed at 8am sunglasses was a necessity! (Plus it was actually sunny for once)

Even though we had some beautiful weather before we head into winter i realized that i have packed all my summer outfits away and have all my winter collection at the ready for fall. Thanks to wonderland clothing (website to be launched soon) i had the perfect knitted jumper which i received on Friday to shoot in and share with you guys! With it being the coziest knit in my closet at the moment it is the ultimate gift as we head into fall.


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