Legs for days




With the week being nearly over i’m sat asking myself where have the days gone & for me the countdown till Christmas has officially began. With the weather being unpredictable choosing the perfect outfit is essential. Not just to look good but also to feel good too because you don’t want to be wearing shorts in the freezing cold right.

This weeks must buys are Turtle Necks, For some reason i barely see men wearing them, And its such a shame. Not does it show of your figure but it also extends your neck and keeps it warm. Yesterday i woke up feeling like i have grown a extra few inches. My legs felt as if they went on for days! & Being so tall & slim super skinny spray on jeans may of just got me a bit more attention then i was looking for walking through the city. Who cares? I surely don’t.

After shoving a blazer on to keep things looking classy & a pair of flat shoes i have realized winter is well on its way! so be prepared for the return of the Knits!

Guys please tell me why don’t men not wear Turtle necks that much & Girls, do you think they look to feminine on a man?


One thought on “Legs for days

  1. you look great in the skinnies ! i guess if i lived in a colder climate turtle necks would make sense like you say; waiting to see what the girls say !

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