Best Idea Ever: Tattly’s Temporary Tattoos For Adults.

I LOVE TATTOOS. Love, love, love. But I’m absolutely indecisive and cannot commit to anything for more than a week. Part of having a tattoo is showing it off. You accessorise and dress based on your tattoo – it is, after all, basically another part of your body, like a beauty mark or freckles, but it happens to be art.  My friends who have the most badass, gorgeous works of art on their body extenuate them with cut out tops and short shorts or see-through tights. But what if it was the reverse? Your tattoos were the accessories, not the other way around and you wore your tattoos based on your outfit and mood?

Tattly – the temporary tattoos for adults and kids plays on this concept. They have awesome designs raging from silly and fun (see firecracker ice pops and ice cream) to traditional (diamonds and text). The designs completely speak for themselves and are always art minded. Each tattoo is designed by an artist who gets a cut of the profits.

Tattly is unique in the way that it focuses on typographic and simple, trend-minded design. Any graphic designer or typography feind will love these.

Check out some of my favorite designs below:





Would you rock temporary tattoos?



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