Fashion Family




Today has been one of those beautiful days, which doesn’t happen often around in my life recently due to none stop working, shooting and business. After month of working my back side of i got to spend some well needed quality time with one of my favorite cousinsAsomie Garner, and of course it was filled with gossip and coffee.

I feel like Fashion is deep in my family blood as every single one of us most definitely has our own style which i find so amazing because it is not everyday that you find someone who loves fashion as much as myself.

Sharing a love for coffee, cakes & fashion myself and Asomie had such a great day discussing different articles which we will be producing for you guys which i hope you are excited to see. Something  even more exciting  is that i got the chance to help Asomie set up her new blog which is which you HAVE to check out.

Just a quick low down on today outfit, Recently i feel like when i leave the house that my outfit has to represent me, and today i felt like a business boy. My outfit consisted of cheap and Affordable clothing all from H&M which i am proud to represent. It doesn’t matter where about’s you purchase the clothing from its about how you wear it.

Blazer: H&M -£59.99 ( With my 25% discount of course)

Shirt: H&M- £19.99


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