Things to do this Summer!

Summer is a brilliant time of year and in England you have to make the most of every ray of sunshine you get because you never know how long it will last! It is also the Summer holidays so people that are at school and university students can get summer boredom after a while and wonder what to do. Well fear not because I thought I’d share 15 awesome things to do this summer! Some of them are free so matter what ‘your financial situation there will be something fun to inspire everyone! Comment and let me know if you have done any of these things yet or if you are planning too!

Have a Picnic!


Whether it’s with friends or family, make some sandwiches, pack some cup cakes and head for the local park or field. What can be a better way to spend a summer’s day than relaxing outside?

Make Daisy Chains!


This one might be quite simple. But there I think making daisy chains is a fun way to pass the time in Summer.

Have a party in the park!


All you need is some friends, alcohol and and some portable speakers to blast music and have a great time!

Make Fresh Fruit Smoothies!


Summer is the perfect time to try and eat more healthier. Making a fresh fruit smoothie is tasty and refreshing!

Have a BBQ


This one seems a bit obvious but is a serious ‘must do’ in the summer! Get out in the sunshine with friends and family and cook some great food!

Visit the Seaside!


If you live in England you will know that there is nothing better than heading to the coast, eating fish & chips, going on the beach, dodging sea gulls, eating ice cream, hunting for crabs and shells, seeing the donkeys on the beach and going to the sea front game arcades. If you don’t live in England then find a you’re nearest beach and sunbathe!

Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip!


There is nothing like deciding to do something last minute so grab some freinds and travel to somewhere you’ve never been before!

Go blackberry picking!


This is fun, free and rewarding! When it gets to late summer going black berry picking is a lot of fun. I like to pick them and make a crumble or pie!

Go find some Urban Street Art!


Every town or city will have some sort of street art somewhere. If you are the arty type, make it you’re mission on a sunny day to find some.

Keep it Stylish!


Enough said!

Do something for Charity!


We can no longer blame the bad weather for not getting up and helping. I think a cup cake sale is a fun way to make money for charity. I would love to do one this summer!

Go to a Festival!


There is nothing more fun than watching amazing music and summer goes hand in hand with festival season! If you have the money going to a festival is very fun especially if the sun decides to shine.

Take Photos!


Whether you like to take artistic or fashion photos or like taking pictures or rural and urban areas photography is a fun and productive thing to do. It is fun to document you’re travels and experiences. We are lucky that Instagram and twitpic makes it easier for us to do that. So take photos and make memories!

Eat Ice Cream!


This one might seem obvious but summer is the perfect excuse to eat your body weight in ice cream. just typing this is making me crave a tub of Ben & Jerrys

Experiment with colour!


Summer is the season for experimenting with bright colours! Weather it’s you hair or you’re clothes be bold, go bright and try something new fashion wise!

Have Fun!



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