Belated Birthday Post


5284_10151543852815853_1788857347_n 156806_10151543852720853_1428731647_n 529204_10151543852870853_2137352123_nSo it’s officially been 1 week since my birthday, and the partying madness has stopped. After dragging out my birthday for 2 weekends in a row for partying my body is finally in shock and ready to shut down. I am writing this post after waking from a 13 hour sleep! Oops.

I’d like to thank everyone for all the beautiful presents and lovely messages that i received on APRIL FOOLS day! unlucky for me!

I finally got to introduce Nada Adelle & Zahra jennings to my family! which was a pleasure & needed to happen soon! I also got to show them to the real insight to my life of partying & what my other half of friends are which made me feel so happy! I love every single person that showed for my birthday as it shows the love is strong haha!



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