Life’s a weave

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Hey guys! I’m back after a long time of not blogging with more crazy crazy hair! Just doing my usual thing of work mode, shooting and a lot of coffee! This week has been one big hectic week and i can not wait until next tuesday arrives. I shall star fish my bed all day and night.

On monday i got the pleasure to shoot with an amazing team, i shot with the photographer a few months back and thought why not make so more magic. When he asked me i didn’t realise how crazy the hairstyling actually was. As i arrived upon set i was introduced to the fabulous hairstylist and got told about what i was about to have implanted on my head. I literally felt like something from the district from the 2012 film Hunger Games. After that the stylist arrives showed me the clothes which i needed to fight over my weave and then straight into make-up to make magic.

As you can see the team was a bundle of joy and craziness so i instantly clicked with them and enjoyed my day. After a early call time i headed back home and soaked my hair as its not used to holding such huge and crazy styles

Hope y’all are having a great week


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