JuicePlus+ Update

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 17.19.53Hey guys, I keep receiving a lot of emails regarding JuicePlus+ , So i thought i’d do a quick brief post about JuicePlus+ why i am promoting it. The supplement, called Juice Plus+, is popular in America and has a string of celebrity fans including TV adventurer Bear Grylls and the German Olympic team. It’s the new wonder Pill/Shake which is taking over as it provides over 17 portions of your fruit and veg in one serving! It’s kicking competitors asses at a cheap and affordable price which benefits its audience.

The reason i decided to become a distributor for this product is because, a few years ago when i was agency signed down in London, i got speaking to a few Big and influential agencies not just London based but world wide & They recommended me to take the capsules to help maintain my health so i could make it to casting to castings. Studying & running to castings can take a toll on your health so by taking these capsules it was maintaing not just my health but was helping my skin and preventing major break outs! A lot of models are using the supplements to become healthy and for those who choose to lose weight and get to there desired perfect body weight take the shakes.

It’s the secret to top model health, So why not share it with the everyday person! For a full brief & pictures of my own clients email me on raimisalami@hotmail.com and will be in touch as soon as possible




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