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Recently i feel like life has been full throttle and go go go. Which has kept me on my feet but now I’m starting to feel tired. I’ve not had much time to blog, play or even party which i always find time for. With my camera being down at the moment as the charger decided to full on blow up in my hands, i am struggling to post looks for you guys as i refuse to post low quality pictures.

So i thought i’d just give you a quick update on my life. In the past 2 weeks I’ve met some of the most amazing people ever, from talents to personalities which i love. My audition went better then expected and i kinda like the shots which i received which will be in FAKE MAGAZINE this year. I have also recently had the pleasure of working with a great team on the Loreal colour trophy which was an amazing experience and i loved getting the fro done. Hope you like the quick outtake and expect for more magic soon

Hope you guys are doing well




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