Singletons … What to do on valentines day?!

So it’s that time of the year that if your single its the day you most likely dread and just can’t wait to be over. Not just the fact that your single but the fact every social network site is being uploaded by 1000’s of cringy loved up posts.

If you guys are anything like me you will find valentines day the most cringe worthy day ever and just want to hide away from all the losers.

Here are my top 5 Tips

1. Coffee/ Tea – No matter what day it is coffee/tea will always give you the motivation to do something with your day.

2. Take a trip to your local shopping centre and avoid all the card shops and anything with all the romantic crap, and treat yourself to something HOT, cause who knows you might meet your valentines on your trip out 😉

3. Avoid any restaurants. As 100% there will be a lot of horned up loved up couples everywhere you look, which will put you off your meal completely

4. Get a film! anything besides a romance, Being reminded of your single status is not what you need. Something that will make you forget about what day it is.

5. Go the hell out and party, get drunk and just forget the whole day. Nothing better then drinking away your sorrows… Unless your shopping away your sorrows.


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