City Dash & Shopping Spree

18431841 1842Hey guys! sorry for not posting over the past week and a bit, life has been complete madness at the moment, from shopping to shooting and my laptop has broke again. But I’m back for a while using the family mac.

As usual i decided to hit the city and go shopping!!! My favourite thing to do to cheer me up when im feeling slightly ill! Found so many bargains which i can not wait to blog about! Getting this outfit shot was so funny as usually i find a quiet place to shoot, but with being stressed and cold i decided to do it in the busiest part of the city. Funny

Nobody wants to look like an overdressed diva whilst shopping so i decided to keep things casual and neutral as well as wrapping up with this very cold weather. Looking forward to sharing a few posts over the coming weeks! from shooting and other little lame things.

Glasses: H&M – £9.99

Coat: Zara – £59.99

Jumper: Topman – £19.99

Tshirt: Zara – £9.99

Jeans: H&M – £19.99

Shoes: Kurt Geiger

Yours fashionably



2 thoughts on “City Dash & Shopping Spree

  1. The face is inspiring. Your outfit is absolutely trendy, especially the glasses which I think fit you a little too well. The facial structure is bold and blends well with the cool guy attitude you were going for. The only thing I am not crazed about are the pants, they look too fazed out or it may just be the camera. Anyways, these photos are great.
    I’m a fan.

    1. Ah thanks ever so much! The compliments made me blush!
      But yes, the pants! I have a new camera and figuring out how to blur background ect an my legs must of faded out too!

      Thanks for the comment


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