Fashion Friday old model Z cards

Raimi RAIMI_2

After going over 6 months without my own personal laptop i finally decided to take it into repair so everyone could stop moaning about me hogging the family’s mac. Its crazy what i found, from old pictures to old footage. It’s really made my day.

I also came across my old Z cards which i have under my bed somewhere when i used to be agency signed to strike. I used to love these little cards too much! thought i was super cool. They bring back so many memories good & bad from my travels in London  Like when i was at a casting with 1000’s of beautiful models and i drop all my cards from the top of the spiral stairs to the bottom and none of those bitches helped to pick them up. I did get the odd cutie whilst running around the big city ask for one randomly but its like hell no ! these cost a £1 each haha.

Hope you guys have a great Friday and weekend and hopefully will have some more posts for you guys

Yours Fashionably raimi


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