Alien Shoot preview

IMG_39810123334 - CopyIMG_4078 (1)Sorry for such a late post, got caught up today in the usual rubbish! Quick coffee in the city as well as the usual gossip.

I haven’t really been shooting as much as i usually do which kinda sucks but not really had the time with working and blogging, so iv been prioritizing myself. But last week i decided to do a quick shoot just outside the city with a uni student Lauren Higson. The concept was great and totally suited me as what better role to play then an alien… Which i get called  all the time.

The styling was perf. Not going to lie, i actually loved how crazy it was. I needed to shoot in a pair of painted glasses which was hilarious as i couldn’t see what i was doing and needed  to guess where the photographer was at. Overall the shoot was fun and made me want to get back shooting nearly everyday which i miss greatly. But maybe when everything has settled id get back on my feet sooner then later. So hopefully you like the quick preview the full images will be uploaded tomorrow when they’ve fully downloaded



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