Ocean Blue “Zara”


So finally after a hard decision between the ocean blue jumper and the Basic Black jumper i decided to let my momma bear choose between the two and surprise me on christmas, And looks like her fashionista self purchased the best one.

The heavy knit is perfect for a slim build like myself as it gives your a slight bulk look which i need 😦 being so tall and slim << NOT SKINNY. Everywhere iv been in this jumper no word of lie i have been stopped and asked wear they could find one as they love it! I hope zara read this as i selling there clothes for their ass haha!

The only issue i have with this Big knit is that working in retail i tend to get caught to hangers and have a major BF (Bitch FIT) and a paddy but other from that get your ass’s down to zara and treat yourself

Get yourself over to http://www.viedenada.com to get a low down on her look

Ocean Blue Knit – Zara : £40

Jeans – H&M : £19.99

Boots – Topman : £60



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