Orange Wednesday MUST SEE! ”Pitch Perfect”


So it’s officially the first wednesday of 2013! which means you can’t just be sitting at home doing naff all! Tonight after spending a night in manchester with my best friends i decided to hit the cinema and take advantage of the 241 orange wednesdays.

I don’t usually do reviews of films as i find myself going on, and on ! But this film is possibly the film to watch to get over your festive blues and back into reality! I can genuinely admit throughout the film i’d just break out into dance and start singing my little heart out, and of course non stop laughter.

The characters are all diverse and i think that the producer has done an amazing job! as when i first heard about this film i thought, oh helll no not another geek ass loser film like GLEE! but for sure i take my word back!

Everyone needs to get watching this film Pitch perfect and give me there feed back

xoxo  Fat Raimi ” << Why do you call yourself that? …. So skinny bitches like you cant do it behind my back!



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