Designer Party Shoes and the Girls and Guys Who Wear Them!

Click on the girls names to be taken to buy the shoes! Fun eh? What girl are you most like?



Charlotte is a modern-day, Harajuku-obsessed, discotheque-loving cat fiend. She loves her pastel-coloured frippery but isn’t afraid to team it up with avant-garde pieces. She would wear these shoes out dancing, with a pair of kitten ears, a beauty spot and a short black babydoll dress over and holographic leggings. Her favourite thing to do is take Japanese sticker-booth pictures with friends after a night out. She screams with delight whenever anyone smiles at her and she uses an enormous feather quill to take notes in her marketing lectures.



Paloma has long, straight, pale pink hair and an eyelash-skimming fringe. She walks slowly and enjoys reciting poems by Yoko Ono. She wears these sandals with a pair of loose trousers and a blue and white striped halterneck top. She works in an art gallery and speaks so quietly barely anyone can hear her. She is most happy when caught in the rain without an umbrella, or when attempting to decipher her rabbits noises.



These are Nina’s heels of choice for when she is off-duty, smoking cigars and forgetting she is ballet teacher. She wears them to the Sunday markets, with dark grey jeans, a pale yellow vintage Beach Boys t-shirt and a royal blue, you guessed it, ballerina wrap cardigan. She grits her cigar stub between yellow-stained teeth as she smiles at the man who sells her radishes, then pirouettes off down the street.



Nancy with her wavy mermaid hair, these gorrrrrgeous ankle boots get her from the swimming pool to the art studio and back again. She wears these with a black, shin-length skirt, lots of gold bangles and a slate-blue camisole beneath a half-buttoned white shirt (sleeves rolled up, of course). She constantly tucks her hair behind her ears and has a pair of blue, goldfish-embossed chopsticks with which she offers other people a bite of her favourite lunch, sushi.



Hermes, Greek god, wore gold wings to get him from place to place. In keeping with this fine theme, Goldie wears these shoes with a Hermes scarf tied around her head — along with a fitted, short black motorcycle jacket, black shorts and stockings, and belt in pink and gold.



Beau wears black skinny jeans, and a sweater, perhaps playing the lute in a forest somewhere, slugging whiskey from an engraved silver hip-flask and kissing sweet elfin girls…


Who are you most like?


Twitter:  @itsraimdeer


(All images sources available by clicking on the picture themselves)


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