Modern Manners: Bring them back!


A call for a return to manners, civility and poise!

I believe that the days of being petulant and stroppy must end! I am bored by girls who chew gum with their mouth open, frustrated by those who drag their feet while they walk, disappointed by boys who eat with their elbows on the table. I am turned off by lazy speaking, whether that means inelegant elocution or a vocabulary littered with cuss-words (of which I myself am guilty). It exasperates me that the international uniform for girls my age appears to be tracksuit bottoms and flip-flops. Nobody treasures their possessions anymore. People go out in scuffed shoes with a handbag full of rubbish. Nothing is deliberate or special. The world is full of slouching & belching, drunkenness and lechery, constant cellphone prattling and arguments in public.

It is hardly surprising when the role models for young girls these days leave the house with their c-section scars hanging out! The whole thing is crass and disgusting.


If you don’t know where to begin, here is my decorum p,an — short and sweet. The basic idea is that you think about how you are presenting yourself! Be polite and friendly — smile at people! Learn to take a compliment. Never air your personal grievances in public (it is so uncouth). Look after your appearance. Do your best to pronounce words clearly. Stand up straight, as if you’re proud of yourself (if you’re not, fake it until you make it). Do what you say you will — honour your commitments. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, try not to be that person who gets hideously trashed and makes a fool of themselves every weekend. (once every now and then is fine!) You will never respect yourself, and neither will anyone else.

Finally these:


Please and Thank You’s


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