Coffee, Shopping & Gossip! Christmas festives

751_10151331931305853_1493046723_nDSCF0633IMG_0006This is a bit of a late post, not having access to my mac 24/7 has made me realise how dependant i am to technology. Its crazy how much i use it in everyday life, for example just uploading a few little pictures to the internet is 10 times harder without a computer as using a mobile device just takes for ever and sucks.

Anyway, last week we had another date day/ night, me Nada Adelle & Paige Paris. As usual is was beautiful and full of gossip coffee and shopping! Everything was running perfecto until i decided to leave my credit card in one of the stores after purchasing my mum a present. Only could happen to me, and i did not even realise until i was sat on a train which was about to depart. Me being the dramatic self i am i launched myself off the carriage and sprinted to the Mall only to be rejected by security as it had shut to have a full on argument with the manager of the store i left it in. Talk about bad customer service. Luckily i got my card back and headed home. I think it’s karma biting my arse as before we went shopping we went nando’s and i was terrorising a worker called yogi. sorry but yogi. YOGI THE BEAR

Away from all the drama i thought id share a few images of my amazing new polar neck jumper! Which makes me feel like a swedish Skier. Not going to lie it’s the best knit i have at the moment, even though i do have a rash, which people think is a love bite.

Jumper- H&M : £29.99


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