Beating and Solving Dry Skin!


Winter is the worst time for having dry skin, so here I am going to talk about how to keep your skin in check! It’s important for guys and girls to do so! You really need to be good to your face! Are you using cleanser? If not, start! Buy something that doesn’t foam and is made for dry skin. I would recommend Clarins Skin Milk. It’s great for normal and dry skin. Of course what you use is up to you, but you definitely need to be cleansing every morning and night.


I remember one winter I had the WORST skin. It was so incredibly dry & itchy & flaky. I felt hideous and I tried about a million different moisturisers to try to fix the problem, but I didn’t know a lot about the subject at the time, so ended up buying products containing alcohol. Ouch! They stung my face & I wondered what the hell was going on. Anyway, long story short, that was the beginning of my love affair with Philosophy. I brought a pot of their hope in a jar, and it was amazing.


Generally, dry skin is caused by one of three things: genetics, diet or environment. The first one is pretty self-explanatory (how is your mother’s skin?), the other two not so much. With diet, this basically means that if you’re not eating well, it will be reflected in your face. A steady stream of Burger King and diet coke is going to play havoc on your skin. It’s true that what we eat matters! Start drinking a lot of water every day (say 2 litres), eat fresh green vegetables and as much fish as you can handle. If the environment is the problem — cold weather, an air-conditioned office, harsh winds or hot sun can all be culprits — as well as the dietary suggestions, you could try putting a humidifier in your bedroom which runs at night. This will help get some moisture into your skin.


Try taking supplements. If you’re vegetarian or don’t want to eat lots of fish, you can take Omega-3 oil. This comes from fish and flaxseed, you can choose the type you’d prefer to take. Zinc tablets are also helpful. (That page also lists vegetarian sources of zinc, but I personally find it much easier to pop pills than to remember to eat 100 pounds of sultanas every day or whatever.)


You might be unwittingly adding to the problem by using a skin toner between your cleansing and moisturising steps. A lot of toners contain alcohol which is going to make it worse. You should also avoid getting water on your face as much as possible. I find water incredibly drying, and my skin is pretty normal.

Give all of those things a go, but if you’re not seeing any improvement with these things, try using olive oil instead of moisturiser.

If after this you’re still not seeing an improvement in your skin’s condition, I would strongly suggest seeing a doctor for a referral to a dermatologist. It’s pretty rare that a dermatologist is unable to help with a skin problem. They have expert knowledge and a lot of prescription-only products they can get you to try, which often are much more effective than off-the-shelf treatments.

Hope it helps!


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