Raimi Says… Style Blogging! DISCUSS!


We all get dressed, right? Surely. So taking a few photos of what you’re wearing that day really shouldn’t be that hard. Or so you’d think. I’m not going to pretend it’s rocket science (it’s not), and I won’t pretend that you really only have to shoot two or three images and they’re all perfect (they never are). I DO like to document my style for the blog, Maybe.. Again, I won’t pretend like it’s really all that hard to shoot a few photos (especially when you have someone taking the photos for you). Now a remote or timer for self-shots is totally different. I give props to all of the ladies and gents who go this route. But trying to schedule part of your day around loading up your stuff, going out, finding a place and shooting photos (often in public) can sometimes be more than you want to deal with. (And many people have real excuses like they have a full time job..) .plus you can feel a little on the narcissistic side ‘oh yea here is me in town taking pictures of myself’ you get it.


Another reason I’m feeling less than enthusiastic about my adventures in style blogging: I don’t feel like I have anything new or interesting to offer. I often feel as though style bloggers who are clad head to toe in designer gear aren’t really relatable. I don’t wear that stuff and most of you don’t either. It’s fun to look and daydream sometimes, but I read style blogs to get inspired about my own closet. Granted I wear almost solely fast fashion, with the occasional vintage piece thrown in, but it’s nothing that a million other guys don’t already own.


Then you’ve got the controversial “courtesy of” items style bloggers sometimes get. Not going to lie, it can be really fun to be “rewarded” for putting a lot of work into your blog, but it can also tarnish your credibility. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting c/o items, but I strive to make sure that each and every piece I acquire is completely my choice, my style, and something I would’ve bought with my own money. I know a lot of people tend to start looking for new blogs to read when they start seeing “c/o” all over the place. How can you trust that that blogger is being legit? That they really actually like that piece and aren’t being bought by a brand? I guess you really can’t unless you know them well enough, but you have to put your faith in that person to make credible decisions. Keep in mind this is all verbal diarrhoea really. I’m speaking straight from my thoughts, no filter. Please don’t feel as though you have to console me or anything like that. I’m merely writing these things to get them off my chest. Outfit posts have been sporadic lately but I’m trying to get back into my groove and move past anything holding me back. You’re all so wonderful and supportive!

Until next time!


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