How to Make your School Uniform go from Not to H-O-T!

How to Make your School Uniform go from Not to H-O-T!

How, indeed? School uniforms are ugly, unflattering and in my opinion a violation of rights. I wore a uniform for my entire school-going time, so please believe me when I say that I feel your pain. I know in the USA many of you don’t so count yourselves lucky!

There are various ways of stamping your own mark on these awful specimens. Most teenagers end up with shortened skirts, their shirt untucked, holes in their sweater and scuffed shoes — but this is hardly stylish. It really only cements you in the scruff factor.


The extent in which you can dress up your school uniform will depend on how strict your school is. My school was pretty strict, and my friends school even had girls who had their skirts measured so they weren’t too far above the knee! However personally, I think boys and girls should just see how much they CAN get away with. What they can really do is only just confiscate it for a few hours, they cannot legally keep anything! (Unless you decide to accessories with drugs, alcohol etc, which I would not recommend)


If you can wear a non-regulation coat, buy one that makes a statement! Look fabulous and fly, I would go for this for girls:


Boys, I personally think a leather jacket (not a trench coat kids!) looks great, always go for real leather if you can afford it but you can get jackets that are a good imitation– and skip the hipster look (unless it really is your style) Leather biker jackets will put you out there more in my opinion and are MUCH cooler.


Start collecting brooches: lots of them. Different ones for different moods. Try to avoid badges (unless they are exceptionally stylish) but snap up any interesting school pins you see. My friend still has one on a blazer that says head boy. . This sort of thing will cause confusion and delight amongst your peers. Pin them on your sweater or blazer lapels.


Accessories with hats, scarves and gloves (especially fingerless ones, since you can write with them on). Check out the berets from Urban Outfitters especially and when shopping, look for oversized knit hats or tea-cozy hats. Get one in a colour that complements the rest of your school uniform, you can always get these from charity shops also.


Wear cool vintage and new silk scarves on your head when you’re having a bad hair day. (Girls obviously, unless you boys like this kind of thing!)


Instead of boring black lace-up shoes, try a pair of ankle boots, mary janes or crazy sneakers. If your school will let you get away with wearing legwarmers, do that too. Or socks with Mary Janes if a favourite look of mine, or with boots.


Look for cool hair bands, even flower crowns in summer if can! Or could you get away with cat ears?!


Wear strands of pearls or costume jewellery around your neck — they will only show momentarily behind your shirt and tie and will look fantastic. Much classier than tacky stuff.

I am all about girls wearing as many rings on their fingers as possible at the moment, or stack up bracelets, have a big mix and wear as much as you can get away with! Boys! Leather bracelets are a cool look – but seriously rip those festival wrist bands off. You went to Reading – I get it. It’s nearly January – move forward.


Boys I also think if you can, wear a bow tie, super cool or even girls.

One thing everyone needs at school is a bag. A tote with a design that you like is going to get a lot of mileage, as you lug books to and fro like some demented packhorse.


This one is gorgeous, expensive but would last the test of time and would work for both boys and girls.

ModCloth has a huge range of really awesome totes, pencil cases etc, and paperchase is also great for cool school-going equipment.

Etsy is another place to look for amazing school-going goodies that are more than likely going to be one off’s!

Other little things! Have a cool lunch box if you take your own in, keep your nails and hair looking good (it will make you feel so much better – it’s the little things!) get a sassy umbrella, BE NICE TO PEOPLE! And most of all enjoy it! Honestly, you don’t realise how much you will miss school until you leave.

Get back to the books!


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