How to get a haircut to suit you!


Having the right haircut can do wonders for you, it can change your look, your style, even your weight!, here are the things I think are most important in terms of getting a haircut for both men and women!


Either know what you want, or shut up.

No seriously, if you go in and there and go ‘oh I don’t know, do what you want’ and come out with something you hate you clearly only have no one to blame but yourself’ Hairdressers do tend to know what they are doing (I do advise to pay for a good one, even you boys!) If you want something specific, communicate well! If not, take their advice they will be able to help you know and guide you on what looks good on you.


Develop a relationship with your hairdresser.

No, I don’t mean romantically (I mean go for it, free haircuts!) You need to trust their opinion, and need to ideally get along with them ( girls 3 hours in silence can get a little slow) Always like their hair cut also – seriously if they look terrible and think they look good, god only knows what they are going to do to your hair!

Think about your lifestyle and what the climate is like where you live.

If you have a job or have to get up early for college etc early each day, are you realistically going to get up earlier than usual to use products, straighteners, etc every day? Yes you might convince yourself you will, but didn’t you say that about 6am jogging each morning? Think hard about it! Is it really humid where you are, is it always windy and raining? Honestly think about these things!


Consider your hair texture.

Is your hair straight, curly or wavy? If your hair kinks into ringlets, you’re never going to have a sleek bob. Similarly, if your hair is straight and you want crazy curls all the time, you’re going to have a hard time.


Remember that you’re not going to look like Jennifer Aniston even if you get the “Rachel”. Note kids of the 90’s you won’t remember this most likely!

Very 90’s reference aside, you get my point. You don’t take in a photo of a skinny model, and come out looking like them because you had the same cut. Also a lot of the photos in magazines etc, have had a LOT of styling, so really think about that! Do they wake up with that hair? I think not.


Be open-minded.

Your hairdresser probably knows what he or she is doing. If you have a weird fly-away that has always existed, you should let them know, but ultimately, they’re the one with the training. Some of the worst haircuts happen when you agree with your hairdresser but then put limitations on what they can do halfway through — so the creative vision isn’t entirely realised.


Having said that… speak your mind.

If you don’t like what they’ve done, or they haven’t done what they said they would, you don’t have to pay — or they should at least fix it up for free.


Work out your face shape.

This is a crucial step, as it will make the difference between something that makes you look horsey, bloated or gorgeous.

Here’s how to work out your face shape:

There are a few ways and I asked my friend who works at Toni and Guy. They told me the best way is to tie your hair back of your face and figure it out, also use the above guide from Here are the different kinds to see what fits you! And Also a guide line for both men and women to see what cuts suit those shapes!


Oval Faces

Women: Most hairstyles are going to look good on you, so be happy! Short cuts look as good on you as medium-length or long hair. One thing you should avoid is a heavy fringe/bangs. There are a lot of celebrities with your face shape — Cameron Diaz, Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts, Tyra Banks (though her forehead is FIERCE), Elle Macpherson.

Men: As above, most hairstyles are going to suit you very well. Experiment! Short hairstyles will be great on you, & you can get away with longer hair too. Just be sure to keep it in good condition (regular haircuts & a good conditioner will work wonders).


Oblong or square faces:

Women: You should go for short or medium styles, to balance the length of your long face. A lot of hair at the side of your face will suit you. A soft fringe or bangs will shorten the length of your face too. If you wear your hair too long, you risk looking horsey, so keep it above shoulder-length for best results. These celebrities have oblong faces — Gwyneth Paltrow, Janet Jackson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Giselle Bundchen.

Men: If you have a square face, you will look best with a style that enhances your face shape. A faux-hawk will really suit you, or anything short with a flat top or messy kind of look. Look at pictures of Nick Lachey, Enrique Iglesias & Matt Damon for inspiration.


Round faces:

Women: Try a style with a lot of volume on the top of your head, an off-centre part or anything longer than chin-length. Fullness on the crown with the rest of your hair cut in close to the sides of your face will make your face appear longer and thinner. You should stay away from anything chin-length and rounded, as you’ll look like you’re wearing a helmet. Also avoid a straight fringe or bangs. Not flattering! See Kate Bosworth, Kirsten Dunst, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Drew Barrymore and Christina Ricci for ideas.

Men: Your goal is to make your face look slimmer & longer. This can be achieved by an off-centre part or curls at eye-level. You can also try styling your facial hair to balance out your shape. If your hairline is receding, longer hair in the back will help off-set this. Stevie Wonder pulls this off well.


Heart faces:

Women: Go for chin-length or longer styles. A bob that ends at your chin will make your face look more equally proportioned. You should try something that emphasises your cheekbones — a dramatic pixie cut will look great on you. You shouldn’t go for something with a lot of height at the crown of your head. These gals have heart-shaped faces too: Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon.

Men: don’t usually have heart-shaped faces. Next!


Diamond faces:

Women: Almost everything works for you. Try not to wear too much hair on your face, as you probably have super features. Other women with your face shape include the glamourous Katharine Hepburn, Linda Evangelista, Scarlett Johansson and Sophia Loren.

Men: You’ll look best with a deep, full fringe/bangs. It will soften the appearance of your forehead. If your beard is trimmed into a rounded or square shape this can also help de-emphasise your chin.

Now go get snipping!


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