7th December ‘What to do!’ Ugly Sweaters!


Attend (or throw) an ugly sweater party. 

That bright green sweatshirt with Rudolph’s face embroidered on it that Aunt Trudy gave you three years ago?  Such a fashion nightmare might be socially unacceptable at a typical party, but it’ll fit right in (and maybe win first place!) at an ugly sweater party.  If you’re fortunate enough to not get ugly sweaters for the holidays, hit up charity shops or the local high street (they have made a fashion come back slightly!)  to find some contenders.  Be sure to take lots of pictures – and no untagging them on Facebook the next day, no matter how hideous your outfit is!

Happy Friday Folks!


Twitter:  @itsraimdeer

Facebook: facebook.com/raimisays

(All images sources avaliable by clicking on the picture themselves)


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