Dressing for a winter walk

Hey guys iv been getting a few emails asking what i would wear on a normal day out in the winter. So decided to take your challenge on board and actually head out of my warm cosy house for once! Which in the winter i do not mind as long as i remain warm.

CIMG4629DSCF0603As you probably can tell from the recent look posts that i have uploaded you can see that i like to keep things basic and affordable and not go all out just to dress during the day. So when heading out to the park in winter i keep things toned down but ensuring that i am warm. So in this look i have layered up by wearing a plain cream top under a low cut jumper.1DSCF0603

I go on and on about knitwear but, what can i say i am just a major fan of it! even if it’s a jumper to my socks ! This scarf is the best scarf that i have in my collection! you can wear it in so many different ways its unreal! I may upload a lame post with all the ways i find myself doing whilst bored.
DSCF06031Ignore the belt. But my prada one decided to burst this afternoon. It can only mean one thing! RAIMZ is getting a booty! so luckily i found this not my taste green one! Anyway, these jeans are the best jeans EVER! they are tight fitting but stretchy so movement does not feel limited. As for my shoes! On a day out to the park you never know whats going to happen! You might find yourself wading through the MUD, which happened. So preparing yourself with leather shoes is the best option as they wipe clean easily

Jumper/ Under Jumper – H&M : £20

Jeans – H&M : £19.99

Shoes – Kurt Geiger : £60

Belt – NOT GOT A CLUE : Priceless

Feel free to email me at itsraimi@gmail.com

http://www.Twitter.com/ItsRaimdeer << All festive




2 thoughts on “Dressing for a winter walk

  1. The girl has beautiful hair and eyes! And u look so cool, those shoes are gorgeous! but your nose is a little red from the chill! Have a gd winter!

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